Joseph A. Gentiluomo

As a young aspiring engineer with a love for inventing, the author chose to make a career out of inventing, while concurrently and extensively pursuing the study of patent law.

The Author holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, has an equivalent of a Masters of Science Degree though engineering courses completed while employed as a Development Engineer at the General Electric Company, is the holder of 25 United States patents which he personally prepared and prosecuted in the United States Patent Office, has more than fifty years experience in engineering and more than forty years experience in patent law, and prosecuted cases before the former Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.

As an expert in the kinematics engineering and patent law, the author brings a combination of engineering and legal knowledge in the writing of this book, to reveal just how federal court judges obstruct justice.

This book will provide purchasers with useful knowledge of how our judicial system has deteriorated through the actions of lawless federal court judges, who believe that they are above the law.


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Are Judges Above The Law?

America’s Judicial Meltdown presents substantiated factual and legal evidence of how certain identified federal court judges conspired, through a violation of federal circuit and U.S. Supreme Court precedential laws, in order to favor a party of their choosing. The book contains disclosure that no one has dared to publish. Get the full story from an expert in patent law, who provides documented evidence from court records, that expose the tactics used by accused judges in the process of obstructing justice, and making a farce out of the United States judicial system.

By reading this book, you will learn exactly how the accused federal judges:

  • Believe they are above the law.
  • Manipulated, distorted and violated precedential laws in order to favor a party of their liking.
  • Conspired in the process of covering up each others wrong doings.
  • Denied the litigant his Constitutional Right to a jury trial.
  • Used a double standard. One for non-influential individuals and one for companies who have the luxury of retaining the services of influential law firms.
  • Obstructed justice in the process of erroneously granting and affirming summary judgment.
  • Fraudulently cited inapplicable case law, in order to deceive the litigant into believing that he was not entitled to a Writ of Mandamus.
  • Obstructed justice, and the U.S. Supreme Court showed no interest in providing supervisory authority over such abuse.
  • Erroneously invalidated the inventor’s patent, and allowed infringing companies to outright steal the patented invention.
  • Obstructed justice, such as to wash the Author’s American Dream down the drain.


Author Publications:


Lawless Federal Court Judges


The above publications reveal that we urgently need Congressmen and a Chief Supreme Court Judtice who will work toward cleaning up our corrupt courts, impeach corrupt judges, and protect our Constitutional Rights.